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Push Your Limits

Melissa Clifford reviewed Rebel Rua's Fitness – 5 stars
I was delighted to win a Facebook competition before Christmas I won 5 personal training sessions with Sean at rebel rua fitness.
I had my first personal training session this morning before going in I was sitting in the car worrying thinking I'm not fit how am I going to be able to do these exercises for the next hour.
All that worrying and self doubt was for nothing as Sean was so welcoming and nice he makes you feel you can do this.
Sean makes an exercise plan that you are comfortable with its a plan of exercises that suit your own fitness level. He encourages you to keep going throughout the session and if theirs any exercise you find difficult he will show you another way of doing that exercise to suit your ability. Sean is great I felt comfortable throughout the entire session the hour went by very fast. I feel so much better after the session I have more energy and I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new as I really enjoyed it.
So if anyone is thinking of setting up personal training sessions or joining a fitness class then contact Sean at rebel rua he's brilliant at what he does.
I'm really looking forward to my 2nd personal training session next week.
Linda Aherne
Well this morning was my 1st personal training session with Sean from Rebel Rua Fitness...
I'm not gonna lie - it was tough at the start and I had to stop for a few mins to catch my breath - but Sean was really great showing me techniques that will help me with breathing when exercising... the hour went by very quickly - i was surprised when he said there was only a few mins left! At the end of the session I was driving home thinking jeez what was I worried about it was actually ok . . . Hard but worth it! Give Sean a ring and chat about setting up a personal training session - you won't be sorry... I can honestly say I'm looking forward to seeing how I get on next week!! Week 1 of personal training down 💪💪
Tammy McCloskey reviewed Rebel Rua's Fitness – 5 stars
Fantastic class. Sean very welcoming.Will be going back again.
Emily Ahern reviewed Rebel Rua's Fitness – 4 stars
Great class last night Seán,looking forward to the next one!!
Adele Coffey reviewed Rebel Rua's Fitness - 5 Stars.
Good motivation,great workout!
Samantha Angell Rated Rebel Rua's Fitness With 5 Stars.
Friendly and very approachable class to walk into.
Good resources and a good spot.
Very well explained class concentrating in all areas.